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Feeling Inspired….

Chapter Four posted today and the kids (by kids I mean Gwyn and Logan) will not stop chatting in my brain. You should all know what this means by now… it means Chapter Five is on the way!!! If I can finish it this weekend we will have two chapters posted instead of one. I know you guys want more as soon as you finish whatever chapter you read, cause you are my readers and that is what you tell me. All I want is to make you guys happy!!! So.. I am in the works of making it happen!

Oh, and Gwyn and Logan told me to tell you, “Hey!”

B.J. Holder


About bjholder

B.J. Holder lives on the verge of nowhere in Tennessee with her son. She started placing her imagination to paper through the taps of a keyboard in 2009. To get the characters out of her head and into the world is her dream.

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