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Chapter 7 is halfway complete


I hope to have Chapter seven complete before Saturday so I can begin Chapter eight. New secrets to share, but I am sure Gwyn and Logan will not find them all out at once. We will see…. I must say yesterday you guys were busy reading. I had 18 +votes by the end of the day. Thank you so much for staying with me through this story!!!

Just a little nugget from me… Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the people, places, and things all piled up in my head and it made me think of this.

A writer’s mind is like a junky closet. We have so much stuffed into our minds that it is close to busting the door wide open. To place these things on paper is our way of organizing the closet.



About bjholder

B.J. Holder lives on the verge of nowhere in Tennessee with her son. She started placing her imagination to paper through the taps of a keyboard in 2009. To get the characters out of her head and into the world is her dream.

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