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YOU DID IT!!!!!!! Gwyn and Logan say THANK YOU!


Chloe Moretz   As  Gwyn Larkin


Dylan O’brien    As   Logan Shepherd

I cannot thank you enough for placing MODIFIED in the JukePop top thirty for the first full month I appeared! You guys are the best!!! I ended up being 17th for the month! Yay! Now I must put together Chapter nine! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Below you will find the October JP 30

October JP 30
1 Herbert Wants To Come Home Masimba Musodza 652
2 The Gifted: Utopia Jeremy Hill 443
3 Gentleman’s Guide To Hunting Fantastic Beasts Sergi Perjes 377
4 Require: Cookie Grace “Stormy” McDermott 339
5 Money Matters Dean Moses 314
6 The Black Pearl Jennifer Flath 281
7 Hobson & Choi Nick Bryan 230
8 Dread Lord Bob Kevin Boyer 216
9 Fugitivus Natalie Shields 216
10 The Eagle Soars Benjamin Rogers 211
11 The Law Unto Herself Chronicles Jennifer L. Barnes 190
12 The Fires of Argos Alan Litsey 184
13 How to Break an Evil Curse Laura Morrison 166
14 Aconitum M. Howalt 162
15 Sam Fights the Mole Men Jack McGuigan 160
16 Grey Jack Road JT McGowan 158
17 Modified B. J. Holder 148 (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!) 
18 Metallic Criminology: A faint glimmer of metal Stuart Bedlam 110
19 Daggers K.R. Cross 100
20 Rise: Future Worlds Book One Brian Guthrie 96
21 Rat Nothing Evan Marcroft 94
22 Reconstruction: Spoils of War K. R. Kampion 92
24 Galico Steven Marshall 85
25 The Prince, the Nymph, and the Pit Julius Buelow 81
26 Flocked Ryan Watt 75
27 The Unraveling Alex Fukui 75
28 Silas Merryweather and the Bottomless Sky Joan Albright 73
29 Sixth Extinction Conni Byron 72
30 Between There and Everywhere Cameron Duke 71


About bjholder

B.J. Holder lives on the verge of nowhere in Tennessee with her son. She started placing her imagination to paper through the taps of a keyboard in 2009. To get the characters out of her head and into the world is her dream.

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