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Wordy, and I mean wordy…

600 words

Taking a little bit of a break this week since I busted out two chapters almost back to back. I love the response Modified is getting from you guys, makes me happy you like my story as much as I do, but after chapter ten I need a little break.

Most of my writing buddies are well into NaNo right now. NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month for those of you who don’t write. I am sitting out on this due to the love Modified is getting. I would have to put it on hold to write another Novel in a months time.

Now that I have an excuse for sitting out on NaNoWriMo…

Next topic.

A friend of mine was talking with me yesterday about wordy authors. We discuss this topic a lot. It makes us skip over paragraphs at a time. I try hard to refrain from being over wordy, but it tends to happen. The above quote says it all. After looking through my own writing I am finding too many Had’s, and That’s. So I am going to take this opportunity to remove the words not needed in Modified. Soon, very soon, I hope!

Thanks for reading Modified! Talk to you soon!



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B.J. Holder lives on the verge of nowhere in Tennessee with her son. She started placing her imagination to paper through the taps of a keyboard in 2009. To get the characters out of her head and into the world is her dream.

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