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Going to Milton in February 2015

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Welcome to Destiny & Keegan’s playground / possible nightmare! I know you are excited about going to the school, but for now we must wait. We have some things to do, and our first priority is to make sure the kids are safe. They had to get out-of-town and lay low for a while. I hope you love the families that are fostering them for the summer as much as I do. 

While we wait, lets take a look at Milton Academy. When researching private schools I knew I wanted to go north, and Massachusetts was my pick. One of the main reasons I picked Milton was because it is also a boarding school. As you can see Milton Academy is a real school and from the look of it, a very good one. They also have a track and cross-country team which is great for Keegan. He must stretch his legs of course, and since Destiny needs a hobby The Milton Measure could end up coming in handy. We know from her 14th birthday she likes to take photos and if research needs to be done, what better way than working on the school’s newspaper. So…. Are you looking forward to February 2015 yet? I know I am! Below are some true facts about our fictional characters new school.

See you soon Milton Academy!!! 

The following is what Forbes had to say about Milton. 

No. 16: Milton Academy (This is the ranking on Forbes list in 2009.) 
Location: Milton, Mass.

Founded: 1798

Ivy/MIT/Stanford pipeline*: 26% (2009)

Student/Faculty ratio: 5:1

Faculty holding advanced degrees: 78%

Endowment: $153 million

Notable alumni: T.S. Eliot, Buckminster Fuller, Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy

* Based on percentage of graduates over the last five years (unless otherwise noted) matriculating into Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University) as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.


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B.J. Holder lives on the verge of nowhere in Tennessee with her son. She started placing her imagination to paper through the taps of a keyboard in 2009. To get the characters out of her head and into the world is her dream.

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