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Muse X-ing

This isn’t a blog post … Well, it is a blog post, but it isn’t mine. You see, I’ve been interviewed by mystery fiction writer Joyce T. Strand on her blog today. So if you’re curious to hear a bit about my thoughts on heroes and villains, werewolves, writing a serial novel, future story plans, writing in a foreign language and how being a visual media translator impacts my writing, please drop by Strand’s Simply Tips.
Any questions or comments? Feel free to add them on Joyce’s site or here.

interview with m.howalt on joyce stand's blog

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Everything Changes – Ampified!


So…. Amplified is coming up and I wish to share!

Points of interest

1. Someone at the school is juicing students with temporary modifications for sports gain.

2. You’ve met her already – Destiny’s roommate.

3. Sadie’s back.

4. Are Destiny and Keegan still together?

5. Who is that teacher?

6. Who stole these files?

7. What would happen if Destiny or Keegan took one of the temporary modification drinks?

8. Chapter One (February 28, 2015)

New Covers…


Been a little busy writing and cover designing to talk to you guys lately, but I promise to come back again this week and fill you in on all things Modified. In the mean time, check out the covers I’ve been playing around with. Any and all thoughts are welcome! See ya soon! BJHolder

A Novel’s Life After JukePop

Great blog about JukePop serials with success!

Muse X-ing

The Road Presents Itself by T. Philips Holland is a refreshingly colloquial crime story set in ancient Rome. Its author is currently doing book signings. The Road Presents Itself by T. Phillips Holland is a refreshingly colloquial crime story set in ancient Rome. Its author is currently doing book signings.

What happens to a serial once it has run its course? Just like a TV series may be released on DVD, a serial novel may be released in other formats.

No, this isn’t about my own story. I posted Chapter 22 this week (that is about half of the entire novel – the exact length depends on editing). This post is about other people’s serials and what happened to them after running on JukePop Serials.

The most voted for novel in the history of JukePop, the dark detective comedy Hobson & Choi by Nick Bryan, was self-published (with an extra short story included) a while back and can be purchased through Amazon and other sites. A sequel was published only a few days ago, and you can listen…

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Going to Milton in February 2015

MIltonMeasureLogoMilton A -1 Milton Academy Aerials Milton A -3 milton academy

Welcome to Destiny & Keegan’s playground / possible nightmare! I know you are excited about going to the school, but for now we must wait. We have some things to do, and our first priority is to make sure the kids are safe. They had to get out-of-town and lay low for a while. I hope you love the families that are fostering them for the summer as much as I do. 

While we wait, lets take a look at Milton Academy. When researching private schools I knew I wanted to go north, and Massachusetts was my pick. One of the main reasons I picked Milton was because it is also a boarding school. As you can see Milton Academy is a real school and from the look of it, a very good one. They also have a track and cross-country team which is great for Keegan. He must stretch his legs of course, and since Destiny needs a hobby The Milton Measure could end up coming in handy. We know from her 14th birthday she likes to take photos and if research needs to be done, what better way than working on the school’s newspaper. So…. Are you looking forward to February 2015 yet? I know I am! Below are some true facts about our fictional characters new school.

See you soon Milton Academy!!! 

The following is what Forbes had to say about Milton. 

No. 16: Milton Academy (This is the ranking on Forbes list in 2009.) 
Location: Milton, Mass.

Founded: 1798

Ivy/MIT/Stanford pipeline*: 26% (2009)

Student/Faculty ratio: 5:1

Faculty holding advanced degrees: 78%

Endowment: $153 million

Notable alumni: T.S. Eliot, Buckminster Fuller, Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy

* Based on percentage of graduates over the last five years (unless otherwise noted) matriculating into Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University) as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

Look what you did again!!!!!!!!!

You are AMAZING!!! Never did I realize when I started this little story of mine that you guys would show such enormous support! I have the best friends and new friends in the world. If you notice below we moved up some spots this month to #12! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

chloe-moretz-early-morning-filming-for-if-i-stay-02 Chloe Moretz – My Destiny

dylan-obrien-the-maze-runner Dylan O’brien – My Keegan

November JP 30

1 The Black Pearl Jennifer Flath 421
2 How to Break an Evil Curse Laura Morrison 389
3 Hobson & Choi Nick Bryan 346
4 The Gifted: Utopia Jeremy Hill 288
5 Dread Lord Bob Kevin Boyer 250
6 Money Matters Dean Moses 213
7 Herbert Wants To Come Home Masimba Musodza 185
8 Require: Cookie Grace “Stormy” McDermott 172
9 Aconitum M. Howalt 151
10 Frost Chelsea Clemmons 128
12 Modified B. J. Holder 124  – (YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!) 
13 Rat Nothing Evan Marcroft 118
14 Flocked Ryan Watt 114
15 The Prince, the Nymph, and the Pit Julius Buelow 112
16 The Law Unto Herself Chronicles Jennifer L. Barnes 112
17 Gentleman’s Guide To Hunting Fantastic Beasts Sergi Perjes 107
18 The Last House on Holland Island Justin Crockett 107
19 The Mayor is a Gringo Bill White 106
20 A Witch of Gears and Memory R. Scott Russell 94
21 Sixth Extinction Conni Byron 82
22 The Fires of Argos Alan Litsey 80
23 ATHENA Ryan W. Norris & Damian Hamilton, William W. Beckman, Ryan Evey 80
24 The Co-Ed Files Jennifer Flath & Laura Morrison 67
25 Fugitivus Natalie Shields 64
26 The Road Presents Itself T. Phillips Holland 61
27 Wren Shawn Cowling 59
28 Beyond the Gates of Övrigmark Josh Thornbrugh 59
29 Between There and Everywhere Cameron Duke 56
30 Paranoid! mike miller 55

Just Reading This Made Me Tired!


It would be great if I could tell you this is how I write when a new story fills my brain, but trust me… I am not this organized. I do make notes for future scenes that have played out in my head, but mostly I just write what the characters tell me and it all seems to pour our at the perfect time for the most part. To be honest I do most of the things in this list, just not in this order. The most difficult part is the Core Concept. It is hard for me to make up one sentence to describe the entire novel. I do not see how people do it.